Monday, October 31, 2011

My Studio

So I recently rearranged my studio with the intent of making it a better work environment. Change is good. I labeled some of the objects, so you can see what I'm into and what inspires me. Hope you dig.

1) Water Color Painting of Che.
My ex-girlfriend visited Cuba and she brought that back for me. Hands down the best gift ever! I know he is a very polarizing figure, but I believe for what he stood for; selflessness, the greater good and the cause. That might not sit well with others, but hey this is my studio.
2) My Nickelodeon Intern Certificate.
I started out as an intern in Post. Now I'm a production assistant. That studio has been very good tom me.
3) Travel Goodies
Just some nick nacks of places I've been. I love to travel and experience the wonders that this world has to offer. Life is too short not to.
4) Book, Book and more Books.
I love to get my knowledge on. First self has more travel goodies. Second and third shelves are historical and educational books, with some historical fiction.
Fourth self is for my How to books, Anatomy and reference. The bottom shelf has all my Art of Book, which is the self that gets visited the most.
5) DVDs.
Nuff Said.
6) Hey Arnold Film Canister.
Second coolest gift ever. The Post Production crew gave this to me when I moved on to Penguins. The entire crew signed it as a going away gift. I still have to get it framed.
7) Tools of the Trade.
My Wacom Tablet on top of my scanner/printer and my Mac.
8) Goofy.
I'm ashamed to say I started this maquette 2 years ago and it's still not finished. Ohhhhh the shame!!
9) Quit Procrastinating!!!
you can't see this but I see it every time I sit in front of my computer. It's and image of Batman drawn by Bruce Tim. He's pointing at me and giving me the guilt trip. Quit Procrastinating! Work on your art!!

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