Monday, October 31, 2011

My Studio Part II

Well here's the other side of my work space, along with the rest of my junk.
1) Go Dodger Blue
A true Dodger fan will have a Bobble head of pitcher Fernando Valenzuela.
2) Penguins Frame.
A poster signed by the talented Penguins crew. This show is one of the funniest show on tv both animated and live action.
3) The Blood dries brown!!!
My favorite color is red, but unfortunately to keep this wall red I have to constantly add a new coat of blood. It's exhausting and I'm running out of kittens.
4) Board of inspiration.
Here's where I put all the art work that inspires me, and I also put styles that I'm aiming for.
5) tools of the trade.
All my tools that I use when working traditionally.
6) Light box for old school drawing.
7) PrismaColor Pencils and Markers
8) Drafting Table
I love this table. I've had it Since 2004.
9) The most uncomfortable chair in the world, but it's mine.

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Jme said...

Pretty cool to see inside the life of Ruben.